Introducing Repeal LK – the Limerick Campaign for Repealing the 8th Amendment

While we have been hosting fundraising events, meetings and training over the last couple months, we realise that we at Repeal LK have yet to properly introduce ourselves.

Next Monday, March 12th, we will be hosting a public event in Limerick’s Strand Hotel where we officially announce ourselves to the public. The event will run for three hours – from seven o’clock in the evening until ten – and will serve as an Icebreaker, or a “Meet Your Limerick Repealers”. The event will feature prominent local speakers and will allow the public to learn exactly who we are.

In the mean time, we are also hosting two different events prior to our introductory meeting. This Tuesday 6th March we are hosting an Open Meeting at eight o’clock in Perry’s Hotel. The Open Meeting is for anyone is who is interesting in volunteering, or who is curious to learn more about how they can get involved in Limerick’s Repeal Campaign.

It is also International Women’s Day this week on March 8th, and it would have been impossible for us to allow the day to pass without commemorating the effect the 8th has had on the women of Limerick. We will be hosting a silent public demonstration in Bedford Row, starting from one o’clock in the afternoon and running until two. If you are coming to the demonstration please wear black clothing – or Repeal merchandise if you have it! – and bring a suitcase or backpack.

For more information on any of these events email us at or check out our Social Media:

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