Repealing the 8th Conversation

Salon du Chat will host a discussion on repealing the 8th Amendment in Ormston House on Sunday 4th February from 2pm – 4pm as part of a series of Repeal events presented by Repeal LK .

Salon du Chat is a pop-up conversation cafe where audiences choose topics of conversation from a menu presented by the Salon team. Friends and strangers are given a coffee or tea, rice krispie buns and the space and time to get stuck into some real conversations.

The Salon du Chat team have put together a special menu around the topic of repealing the 8th Amendment, including quotes from the Citizens Assembly, personal stories from people who have experienced the 8th Amendment and a series of topics around women’s rights and bodily autonomy.

People interested in discussing repealing the 8th Amendment are invited to pop into Ormston House, Patrick Street anytime between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday 4th February. Salon du Chat encourages people to talk and listen to each other. All opinions and points of view and welcome and respected. This is a free event.

For further details visit

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